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              UL TC instrumentation cables & UL TC instrumentation control cables

              UL TC cable

              These electrical and composite electrical/optical-fiber cables are intended for use (optical and electrical functions associated in the case of a composite cable) in accordance with Article 336 and other applicable parts of the US National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70-2002 in cable trays, in raceways, and where supported in outdoor locations by a messenger wire.

              Common types with PVC sheath, in different temperature ratings (70°C; 90°C; 105°C). The choice of the most suitable type of armor depends on the demands of installation and operation.

              In addition, local and legal regulations must be complied with. The most important selection criteria are maximum expected tensile load and minimum required load-bearing capacity during installation and/or operation, maximum expected pressure and tensile load after laying, protection against attack by rodents, minimum required bending radius and protection against external interferences.

              Product selections

              • Common / 600V


              ICON Instrumentation Cable

              ICON Instrumentation Cable

              PLTC/ITC and TC Types



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