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              EN instrumentation cables & EN instrumentation control cables

              EN 50288-7

              European Standard for multi-element metallic cables used in analog and digital communication and control systems. Part 7 = Instrumentation cables. Instrumentation cables for connecting instruments and control systems for the purposes of analog and digital transmission.

              The cables are not allowed for direct connection to low impedance source e.g. public mains electricity power supply.

              Common types with PVC sheath, in different temperature ratings (70 °C; 90 °C; 105 °C). PVC is a flame-retardant, self-extinguishing material. Our PVC-compound is resistant to oil and solvents. PVC can be supplied in a wide range of colors. All sheathing compounds are sunlight resistant. The choice of the most suitable type of armor depends on the demands of installation and operation.

              In addition, local and legal regulations must be complied with. The most important selection criteria are maximum expected tensile load and minimum required load-bearing capacity during installation and/or operation, maximum expected pressure and tensile load after laying, protection against attack by rodents, minimum required bending radius and protection against external interferences. 

              Product selections

              • Common 300 V
              • Common 500 V
              • LSZH 300 V
              • LSZH 500 V
              • Fire resistant (CI) Silicone 300 V
              • Fire resistant (CI) Silicone 500 V
              • PVC / PVC
              • XLPE / PVC


              ICON Instrumentation Cable

              ICON Instrumentation Cable

              PLTC/ITC and TC Types



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