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              Multifunctional cable harness systems

              LEONI's custom, multifunctional cable harnesses and systems for medical equipment can integrate a wide variety of functions and connectivity, as well as power and control. Let us design and manufacture a custom cable harness or provide wiring services for your products to solve your light and data transmission challenges and assist functions, such as the cooling of sensors and other medical devices components.

              If you wish, the Business Unit Healthcare can provide wiring services for you starting with design and development through manufacturing and integration. Our cable harnesses and wiring service consulting offers you local-level support for design and development, as well as testing and integration processes designed to lower your overhead and improve device reliability while overcoming any logistics or supply chain challenge.

              We provide custom cables and assemblies, including antimicrobial cables, high-performance flat cables, hybrid cables, fiber optic cables, space-saving miniature cables, measurement and control cables, and cable harnesses for a variety of medical imaging systems and treatment systems.

              LEONI healthcare custom harnesses and wiring services offer a number of unique benefits, including:

              • One-stop for design, development, supply, and integration with a partner that has unparalleled standing in the custom cable design industry.
              • Compliance with all major standards, including Verband der Elektrotechnik (VDE), appliance wiring material (AWM), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL), to insure reliable, long-lasting operation of your medical devices.
              • Faster installation thanks to connection-ready cable harnesses that offer lower installation volume and weight thanks to custom, optimized designs.
              • Ability to include media tubing and reserve elements, in addition to mechanical, electrotechnical, optical and similar components.
              • Fast response and supply of small, medium, and large batches.


              Cables and system solutions for medical technology

              Cables and system solutions for medical technology




              For further support please contact us:

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              For more information, please visit our website www.leoni-healthcare.com

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