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              High performance flat & flex cables

              LEONI's (HPF) High Flex Life performance cables are custom designed for maximum flex life in high-speed linear flexing applications in automation, material handling, industrial robots and other applications, even when tight bend radius is required. 

              LEONI developed the (HPF) High Flex Life performance cable with low-friction motion for use in applications requiring millions of flex cycles at tight bend radii. Using special fluoropolymer materials,  HPF cables can be designed for specific applications to exceed 150 million cycles at tight radii for any automation, material handling, or industrial robot workcell.

              The high-performance flat cables provide a wide variety of useful options. A broad range of individual components can be mixed and matched. Hybrid designs can include many varieties of single wires, twisted pairs, coaxial cables, data cables such as Ethernet and FireWire, optical fibers, and even hoses or larger diameter copper wires for power supply.

              Maximum flexibility, optimized low-friction motion, and ultra-low particulate wear make these cables well suited for use in any environment where absolute sterility and high mobility are required, which is why  high-performance flex cables of LEONI are also UL approved and Clean Room Class I certified compliant.

              Typical applications and attributes for HPF cables include

              • Automation and material handling technology
              • Industrial robotics and cable tracks
              • Chip handlers
              • Automation machines and linear drives
              • Packaging machines
              • Component insertion
              • Laboratory equipment for bio-medical testing
              • Class 1 clean room
              • Low outgassing
              • Virtually unlimited group configurations are possible

              The LEONI Business Unit Healthcare provides custom cables and assemblies, including antimicrobial cables, high-performance flat cables, hybrid cables, fibe optic cables, space-saving miniature cables, measurement and control cables, and cable harnesses for a variety of medical imaging systems and treatment systems.


              High performance cable solutions

              High performance cable solutions

              for the world of semiconductors



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