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              Custom spiral cable solutions

              Tailor-made spiral cables are always used when the cable connection is exposed to extreme or mostly irregular movement. The coiling makes it possible to absorb extreme mechanical strains – irregular tension and torsion forces.

              With special insulation materials, ribbons for the best possible gliding properties and corresponding shielding technologies, LEONI's coiled cables are protected in a targeted way against physical and mechanical influences.

              Assembled round cables are also part of our product range e.g. for a handheld control panel.


              • Small space requirement compared with conventional connection cables of the same useful length
              • Maximum flex – thanks to precise recoil forces, the coiled cable will always return to its original state even under continuous load
              • High mechanical, electrical as well as chemical resilience


              Cables and system solutions for medical technology

              Cables and system solutions for medical technology




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              For more information, please visit our website www.leoni-healthcare.com

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