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              Robot maintenance & repair

              Regular robot maintenance guarantees maximum uptime for your robot. The LEONI Business Unit Robotic Solutions can monitor your existing robot work cells, provide preventive maintenance checkups, identify problems before they happen, and offer service and support in the event of a fault.

              Repair and maintenance

              Regular attendance and repairs at an early stage guarantee an optimum lifespan and ensure timely exchange of parts before costly production stoppages occur.

              We support you with services like:

              • Monitoring and updating on existing lines
              • Preventive service and maintenance
              • Quick and effective help in the event of faults

              Service Runner

              LEONI's Service Runner constitutes an enhancement to our qualified service team. Our Service Runner will support you at your plant on an ongoing basis, as well as after successful certification or the final check. He will therefore be able to point out potential for optimization or wear at an early stage and advise you in choosing the right spares. The Service Runner will support your own maintenance work with additional pointers for urgent measures. This is a major benefit to our customers, whose plant uptime is thereby further increased. Flexibility and broad know-how in the area involving solutions for special applications also characterize LEONI's Service Runner.

              The LEONI Business Unit Robotic Solutions is an industry-leading developer of robotic hoses, cables, dress packs, functional packages for fully integrated robots, robot calibration, PLC and robotic programming, and maintenance programs for the automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and general manufacturing industries. 


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              Engineering · products · services

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              For further support please contact us:

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              For more information, please visit our Business Segment Factory Automation website

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