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              New DAC (direct attach copper) cables for OSFP

              See the benefits of our OSFP DACs in 3D

              LEONI is a member of OSFP

              400 Gbit/s transmission with LEONI’s future-proof OSFP assemblies

              Being a member of the MSA (multi-source agreement) OSFP group for 400 Gbit/s transmission over copper in data centers, LEONI is at the development hub of groundbreaking future high-density efficient data transmission.

              With its OSFP assemblies, LEONI achieves optimum transmission performance by using its solid new generation ParaLink 25s copper cables and by controlling cable and connector paddle card design tolerances.

              LEONIs prototype OSFP DACs performed secure and fast data transmission over 13.12 ft (4 m) with habitual great signal integrity results.

              LEONI OSFP DAC assemblies feature:

              • 400 Gbit/s (50Gbit/s PAM4) transmission
              • AWG sizes of 26, 28, 30 and 32
              • 50 GHz transmission and beyond
              • thermal support of at least 12 W
              • industry leading signal integrity with low NEXT, FEXT, insertion loss and jitter
              • superior mechanical performance with optimum flexure over small bending radii
              • certification according to UL13 CL2 in compliance with CSA FT4
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