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              Custom composite round cables

              LEONI is one of the world’s largest suppliers of wires, cables and wiring systems, with decades of experience. When you choose to go with a LEONI custom composite round cable you are getting superior performance and longevity based on cable designs customized to your specific application.

              Custom solutions are designed from scratch using the latest in CAD-technology. LEONI’s custom cables offer higher reliability in extreme conditions, longer cable lifetime which will help to reduce equipment downtime.

              Attributes of custom composite round cable:

              • Superior performance and longevity based on cable designs customized to your specific application (enhanced temperature, confined spaces, chemical and mechanical resistance, high performance flex / torsion, waterproof laterally and longitudinally etc.)
              • Hybrid designs can integrate a wide range of features, fiber optics, coax, air/water hoses, etc. as well as support for future equipment upgrades.
              • All cables can be manufactured to CE, UL and CSA standards. This allows the use of our products around the world without having to be re-certified locally for each market.
              • Custom-made cables can be ordered, or reordered, in quantities as small as 300 ft./100 m

              Fields of application

              • Automation machinery and drive systems
              • Industrial robotics and cable tracks
              • Pick and place material handling equipment, aerials and scissor lifts
              • Printing, packaging, pulp and paper machinery
              • Food processing, bottling, glass and wood textiles
              • Test, measurement and control
              • Automation assembly and handling technology
              • Video inspection for sewer, HVAC and others
              • Special construction, forestry and harvesting equipment
              • Marine / Offshore and Defense


              For further support please contact us:

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