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              “Over the Shoulder” Automation Systems Training Support Reinforces Classroom Work

              Even the brightest students need assistance putting newfound knowledge on automation systems into practice. To help its customers navigate the realities of the modern factory, LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc. (LEPS) now provides“Over the Shoulder” (OtS) training support on the plant floor as a value-added service.

              To boost productivity in their facilities, plant managers rely on a skilled workforce that can properly operate, troubleshoot, and maintain automation systems. Training fromLEPS provides the foundation of this knowledge, thanks to curriculum and hands-on labs customized to the customer’s automation applications and workers’ existing skill sets. 

              Following completion of classroom work, LEPS instructors join skilled trades personnel and maintenance technicians during their normal shifts to offer OtS training support. LEPS can conduct the support program either immediately after classroom training or several months later to refresh workers on the curriculum.

              “In addition to providing troubleshooting support as needed, our instructors work with employees to identify specific job tasks where a job aid, work instruction, or single point lesson would reduce downtime,” says Darrell Cope, Training Business Development, Business Unit Robotic Solutions at LEPS.

              LEPS instructors work hand-in-hand with technical staff to provide expert advice on demand, critical when customers are ramping up production or starting up a new line to ensure production is operating at full speed in the shortest time possible.

              The OtS training support program can also help customers establish preventive maintenance plans on their automation systems. LEPS recently worked with maintenance technicians at an automotive plant, asking them to walk through the typical steps they take to evaluate, repair, replace, or perform preventative maintenance on components. LEPS instructors documented the processes, including taking photos, and developed easy-to–follow maintenance instructions to accompany work orders given to technicians.

              “By offering over-the-shoulder training support as a complement to our customized classroom-based courses, LEPS ensures that customers maximize their training investment while boosting operational quality and efficiency,” Cope says.

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