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              Leoni receives innovation prize for 6D calibration system

              Trade publication MaschinenMarkt presents “MM Award” in the “image processing and sensor systems” category

              Nuremberg – Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, was presented with the “MM Award” for innovation at the Automatica trade fair in Munich. In the “image processing and sensor systems” category, the MaschinenMarkt trade publication commended the advintec 6D laser measurement calibration system as one of the trade fair's most innovative exhibits.

              The “advintec 6D laser measurement” calibration system measures in-line, i.e. directly in the production process, grippers, part location and devices in robot-supported applications – and thereby extends the range of options for machine perception, which is required particularly in automotive, machine and plant engineering, in aviation and in the metal-processing industry. 

              Laser-precision for part unracking, gripper and part location recognition

              For instance, the precision laser measuring system ensures that, during unracking, the bodywork components are gripped correctly by 6D measurement of the part location. Integrated precision laser or ultrasound sensors are used in the gripper, which automatically correct the gripping position. The calibration system furthermore enables the user to make substantial cost savings because this high-precision measuring manages without any aids or reference components. Leoni first presented this innovation at the Hanover Trade Fair in April.

              This was fifth time already that MaschinenMarkt presented the award, for which all exhibitors at the Automatica 2016, the international fair for the automation and mechatronics trade, could apply in seven categories. A jury comprising members of the trade magazine’s editorial team, determined the award winners.

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