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              LEONI Elocab, Ltd. to participate at Pacific Design & Manufacturing, showcasing new product offering: intONE? for North America

              Full Service Solution available on the market which brings you custom-engineered solutions and tailor-made cables.

              Kitchener, Ontario CANADA – Leoni, a global provider of energy and data management solutions in the automotive sector and other industries, will showcase new product offering, intONE? as well as tailor-made cable product line at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show at booth 3487.

              With over 100 years of experience in custom cable, cable systems and solutions, LEONI        offers a new product offering: intONE? in North America.

              LEONI intONE? provides you with the first ever Full Service Solution available on the market which brings you the custom-engineered features below:

              • Complete cable assembly consultation
              • 3D CAD models ready to be integrated into your equipment design.
              • 3D mapping of the cable assembly routing within your product
              • Engineered design with bill of materials and specifications
              • Component identification, selection and qualification
              • Full project management services
              • Rapid Prototyping allowing increased speed to market
              • Intelligent cable technology and digitalization of your cable assembly
              • 3D modelling of “molded” connectors, strain reliefs, grommets, etc.
              • Unique logistical services to assist in production volume sourcing
              • Industry leading bulk cable minimum order of 300 feet or 100 meters

              Visit LEONI Elocab Ltd. at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show in Anaheim, Calif. from Feb. 5-7 at booth 3487 to learn more and discuss how to take your concept to realization.

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