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              LEONI Dacar? cables portfolio for BroadR-Reach technology

              The continual widening of bandwidths is moving the aim of OEMs, of seamlessly integrating the consumer environment in the functions of the motor vehicle and offering more infotainment and driver assist systems, within reach. Forming the basis for this is the introduction of Ethernet for
              automotive applications. The chip manufacturer Broadcom has, with its BroadR-Reach technology, developed a form of meanwhile standardised data communication. This facilitates bidirectional data transfer at 100 Mbps across a single, unshielded twisted-pair cable.

              From the beginning LEONI has been working together with other component manufacturers along the value chain in the OPEN Alliance SIG on standardising components for BroadR-Reach technology. We therefore have first-hand knowledge of the wishes and requirements of the international motor vehicle manufacturers and have adjusted our portfolio of LEONI Dacar? Ethernet cables accordingly.

              More details about the new LEONI Dacar? cables portfolio for BroadR-Reach.

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