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              LEONI cable handling regulations

              Fighting against major sources of errors with Captain LEON

              “The internal bending radius must be taken into account to rule out damage to the cable while bending. The cables may not be bent tighter than the stated limits. The stated radius is determined by a multiple of the outer diameter. The stated values apply only for permanently installed cables. Individual parameters must be observed per cable type during cable assembly. Incorrect handling of cables will affect the material properties and may have an adverse effect on the subsequent processing. …“

              Hello? Are you still with it? Exactly. Rather like the safety instructions in aircraft or novel-like operating manuals, the key message is often lost. True to the motto “moving pictures speak more than a thousand words” we have opted for an explanatory video of a somewhat different kind.

              Together with our superhero Captain LEON, you will be fighting against the three sources of errors in terms of handling cables correctly – exceeded tensile strength, excessive application of force and contaminated contacts.

              With Captain LEON’s great adventures at www.leoni-cable.com, www.leoni.automotive-cables.com and on YouTube/LEONIgruppe we demonstrate in brief what needs attention.

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