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              LEONI B-Flex Brings Cable Management to Lightweight and Collaborative Robots

              Like their larger robotic brethren, lightweight robots (LWR) perform repetitive tasks in multiple axes, which can cause the cabling and hoses that power the robot and end-of-arm tooling to become loose. Until now, there hasn’t been a standard cable management solution for LWR robots, including the fast-growing collaborative robot niche. LEONI, the world’s leading dresspack designer and manufacturer, is changing that with the introduction of the LEONI B-Flex cable management system.

              Designed as a flexible, anti-slip cable management system, LEONI B-Flex can be installed quickly and easily on any type of robot arm profile and on diverse surfaces such as cast iron, aluminum, and varnish. Thanks to LEONI B-Flex’s Velcro straps, installation does not require any tools, screw connections, or modifications to the existing robot. Application on various diameters of robot arm is simple thanks to the LEONI B-Flex’s ideal bending properties and flexibility of the cable mounting brackets.

              With its low-profile design, the LEONI B-Flex is designed to minimize the chances of incidental contact between metal parts and sharp edges that could harm human workers, while the Velcro brackets simplify maintenance and repairs.

              LEONI B-Flex is suitable for all types of collaborative robots, including Universal Robots, which recently named LEONI EPS as a one of the company’s Certified Systems Integrators for North America.

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