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              Industrial Ethernet Cable Now in Stock at LEONI EPS

              LEONI Engineering Products & Services, Inc. (LEPS) now carries the FieldLink? Industrial Ethernet Cat 5e ES cable for immediate delivery to customers throughout North America. Available through LEPS’s Automation & Drives Business Unit (A&D) in Lake Orion, Michigan, the Cat 5e cable easily connects devices in factory automation systems to improve communication performance.

              The cable’s robust design provides limited oil resistance, resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light, and halogen-free construction. Its FT4 flame retardant approval makes the industrial Ethernet cable suitable for use in cable trays for industrial applications.

              The FieldLink? Industrial Ethernet Cat 5e ES is also approved for communications systems in marine and offshore applications. The cable meets the standards and specifications set forth by certification bodies in the maritime industry, including Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, ABS Europe Ltd., Bureau Veritas, and Det Norske Veritas. 

              “By having the FieldLink? Industrial Ethernet Cat 5e ES cable readily available in stock, LEPS can help its customers instantly achieve reliable performance of Ethernet connectivity, even in the harshest conditions,” says Gordon Stryker, A&D Sales Manager, North America, at LEPS.

              LEPS can accommodate special orders, such as customized labeling on cable jackets with a customer’s name or self-designated part number. The Cat 5e cable is currently available on a 1,000-meter reel.

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